Vivid Antiquity - Lithophane Table Light

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High quality custom 3D printed lithophane table light for your favorite photos. Perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, or gift for that special someone. Have your loved ones, pets, or even your children's favorite television character brighten the room.

Why choose Vivid Antiquity?
- Quality: Look at comparison photo of ours and theirs, our process eliminates layer lines caused by standard 3D printed manufacturing.
- Swappable lithophanes: Change out the lithophane from the light base at anytime.
- Choice of Colors: Base can be other colors besides white if you choose.
- Bright LED light with switch: 3x brighter. Long lasting LEDs that can be seen in a bright room, not just at night. Comes with a 3ft USB cable with On/Off Switch. Plug into wall for constant use or a USB power bank for placing on a shelf
- Package is shipped with gifting in mind. Watch unboxing video.

How to Order
- Place order and select options such as color
- send photo to
- photos that are not in a standard 4x3 format will be cropped and send back to purchaser for verification of photo cropping
- orders are normally shipped in 2-3 days depending on demand. If you have a question about lead time, feel free to contact

- Dimensions: 121mm x 46mm x 93mm (4-3/4" x 1-13/16" x 3-11/16") width x depth x height *dimensions may vary
- Materials: Black and white are PLA, Stone is PETG, light wood and rosewood are wood infused PLA
- Electrical: 3 Bright White LEDs, 3-ft USB cable with a switch attached. Plug into any standard USB connection (example, cell phone charger)

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